My Novels

Broken in the Back Bay


Are they broken lives or is it the perfect Crime? Eva, Lauren and Shelly are single city women who look like they have it all, but they are all hiding something. They are all therapy clients of Jackie.
Jackie devises a plan to safely expose their secrets. What Jackie does not plan for is the crime brewing among them that links these women together in ways they could never imagine. And as the crime bubbles to the surface, so do shared acquaintances, shared lovers, as well as the surprising details of who is involved in the crime, whose lives are at stake, and who is guilty. The true story of a single woman runs much deeper than how she appears.

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Strangers on Newbury Street


Lexi is a 30-something single woman who is ready to make big changes in her life. She wants to settle down, stay in one spot, and maybe even fall in love. With the support of her friends, and in particular her handsome best friend Ty, she is pursuing her dream of owning her own little shop on Newbury Street.

Lexi's excitement about her future far outweighs the pressures that begin to mount, until a secret from Lexi's past begins to seep into her present. She becomes certain she is being followed. She wonders if she is strong enough to make this change as the people and events in her life become unpredictable. Will she go after her dream and the man she loves or will she allow the painful events from her past ruin her future? Is the choice even hers to make or does her fate rest with a stranger?

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New Release! Love Along The Esplanade


Love Along the Esplanade is a light and fun romantic comedy with a twist. 

Sydney Graham is a Boston-based, successful, and pragmatic relationship coach, blogger, and YouTube star.  She refers to romance novels as fairy tales and prides herself on keeping her clients’ relationship expectations grounded in reality. Sydney is excited and anxious about the upcoming release of her first self-help book.

Ty Kent is the pen name used by a successful romance novelist.  When a local gossip blog, the Insightful Blogger, announces a contest to reveal Ty Kent’s true identity, Sydney finds herself caught up in the center of their publicity stunt.   To complicate things further, she begins to fall for a handsome stranger, Thomas Peters.  Sydney finds it increasingly difficult to maintain her level head around Thomas which leads to snappy judgements and mis-steps.  

Meanwhile, Harris, the young owner of the Insightful Blogger, is not happy with all of the media attention Sydney Graham is gaining from the Ty Kent mystery.  He sets up a team whose sole purpose is to determine Ty Kent's identity.  He also has one team member dedicated to following Sydney Graham, which leads to some unwanted headlines and photos of Sydney.  

As the Insightful Blogger hones in on the identity of Ty Kent, a plan is devised to turn the tables on Harris and the Insightful blogger.  All seems well until the Insightful Blogger publishes something that shocks everyone!

Love Along the Esplanade is a page turner that will keep you and guessing until the end!

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